Hi Everyone!

Hi guys! I’m stricker, and this is my new website! I play Puzzle and Dragons, and this website will be all about it!

I have been playing for almost 2 years as of October 26, 2016. I am currently rank 726 (with 22,312 xp to rank lol) as of November 7, 2018. I have 2 accounts; stricker and striker. I know, it’s just one “c” off. I main stricker account and its first roll was a Karin. My striker account’s first roll was a Gan Ning. My alt account has too much luck lol.

But anyways, a short story about my main account. I was introduced to PAD from my brother when my family was visiting Taiwan. So in other words, I started PAD out-of-country. I have been using Karin for a great while, and when the Final Fantasy collab rolled around, I rolled a Cloud. Back then, Cloud was one of the best cards you could possibly get. Like a noob, I didn’t know any monsters that were good and relied on my brother to tell me if something was good or not. He didn’t know who Cloud was, so he just said that he didn’t know. A few days later when a Godfest came, I rolled a Rodin, which my brother was super jealous about. A few months later, I rolled a good amount and was pretty happy about my box. I had good monsters like Cloud, Indra, Drake, Tachi, Anubis. Kush, Orochi, Nohime, etc. And a bunch of these cards were just stuff I had no idea was good or not (I rolled my Anubis and my Kush during my math class lol). My brother was also really wanting Neptune, I honestly don’t know why, but one night I just rolo rolled in some pantheon and got Neptune. My brother was so salty about it and that made me feel good lmao. A bit after, I have seen that a lot of people had been using Odindra on most of their teams, so I asked someone on discord why a lot of people use Odindra. They responded saying the Odindra is a super stable card, having a great skill and good awakenings. Plus having great stats. So when I had saved enough monster points, I bought Odindra. It took me several days to evolve him because I was so hyped about having him. By now I have able to clear a lot of content, with my Artemis being so “good” at the time. When the Super Carnival or something like that that featued evolved pantheons like Minerva, Neptune, Karin, Sakuya, etc. came out, I rolled a few times, and by now I had memorized most of the cards in the game. So when I rolled, my first roll was minerva, which I was super excited about because I have heart of minerva cheesing certain floors, but then the next roll was the one I was most excited about. I GOT GANESHA!! I was super excited and Immediatly evolved him. Skipping ahead a few months, after I beat the machine descendeds, beat Rushana and Py’ing her (I know, dissapointing) and by now I was around rank 400 something. There was a Godfest event, and I rolled a few times. I did not get any 6* GFEs, but I did get my FIRST 2 HAKUS!! This was during Heroine event. A couple weeks past, and then the first Monster Point Shop Survey was announced! I have been saving enough monster points as I have heard about this event somewhere I don’t remember, and Cotton was the winner. This was after Amen, Mut, and Khonsu came out. I bought her, obviously, and used her on almost all of my teams. Then, the FIRST Super Godfest came to NA! Obviously, big hype. I was dissapointed with all of my rolls though lol. I got a Blue Valk, an Aife, another Nene, and a vritra. Overall, not terrible rolls, but not GFEs. I did not spend so much money back then in the days.

Yu Yu Hakusho goes by, I don’t get a Yusuke, Revo Satan gets released, Bigfoot, Spirit Numens, Magic the Gathering (I traded for Bolas like an idiot) Rikuu tournament (My 1st rikuu), Persona.

Fast forwarding, this is when another Super Godfest comes around. I spent money (obviously) and here were my major rolls: Dmeta, Blonia, YOG, FUJIN, Skuld, Baldin, NY Kami, Gronia, and a Gilgamesh. I was about to trade away Dmeta, but then GungHo saved me from doing so as they released a new evolution for Dmeta in the JP server. Had I not checked the PADx JP news translations discord, I wouldn’t have a Dmeta today.

Fast forward a tiny bit the GungHo collab rolls around. I buy Leo like another idiot, free roll a Zeta, but trades for Raizer. So worth it in my opinon. I trade for Alastair, then Beach comes around, and I trade for Bluejin.

THEN THE NEXT SGF STROLLS AROUND EVEN WHEN I HAVE NO MORE MONEY. I bought a pack anyways. And you will not believe my results. I got 3 Reeche, 2 back to back, my first Raph, my 2nd Blonia, my 2nd Tachi, then my second Raph, my first Aten, my 2nd Dmeta, so it was fine to trade away my first Dmeta lol, and on the very last day, I rolo rolled a Kaede. Best event ever in PAD. I will always have this memory with me.

Then the Voice Godfest comes by to say hello. By now I’m rank around 715. This was after the 6th Anniversary of PAD. From the free witch roll, I finally roll a Zela… I am keeping it as the base form with dragon killers for Kaede farming purposes. This is pretty recent now I’m getting to. But my rolls were absolute bullshit. I get my first Sherias Roots, and my first Viz. Everything else was something I already have. so 2/12 GFEs. And that narrows down to 1/6 GFE. And the rates are supposed to be 1/3 GFE!

So that was my PAD story up until now which is November 7, 2018. This is my current webstie, and I will be posting my reviews and thoughts about PAD events.


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